What is Lindhs Hockey League?


This is a simulator I have created to play with my friends. I had a league back in the days called Lindhs Modem League that started out with me sending out reports in letters. Then I started one online with managers all over the world. The interest from both me and the managers were too low in the end and it was a lot of work for me every round so we decided to quit. This sim makes everything so easy for me. It basically runs everything so it is not time consuming for me as the leagueboss. In this sim I have got in everything I love about hockey.

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  • Top Scorer

    Sidney Crosby [Pittsburgh Penguins]

  • Goals

    Sidney Crosby [Pittsburgh Penguins]

  • Assists

    P.K. Subban [Montreal Canadiens]

  • Hits

    Johnny Boychuk [New York Islanders]

  • Save Percentage

    Ben Bishop [Tampa Bay Lightning]

  • GAA

    Braden Holtby [Washington Capitals]



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